This website specialises in digital quilting patterns for Statler Stitcher, CompuQuilter and IntelliQuilter.
Thousands of designs for computerised longarm quilting machines are available for immediate download.

Current Inspiration:

glass bowls

I found this photo of a wonderful antique Carnival Glass bowl
- and look at the design moulded into it - perfect to adapt for a modern quilting design!

It may take me a while to convert all of these drawings into patterns which will work on the machine, but aren't they just grand? Patterns will gradually be added to the website - including ones which are not illustrated below.

The Plan:
I have made a set which will contain all the derived designs. More will be added as I have time - including triangles - and the price of the set will gradually creep up
- BUT - for those who get in and purchase this set early, you can just keep downloading your original order and the new ones will appear. Currently there are 2, 3, 4 patterns in the set.
The reward for getting in early is that you will not have to pay any additional amount.
Click on the coloured bowl image to the left to go directly to this package.

A very traditional style of glass bowl which has been the inspiration for several patterns. Two of them have ended with a bit of a modern twist to them.

The two arc patterns were done first - just to have a play. These were made more useful by formatting them as p2p patterns.

Then I went on to the border design. This I considered a little plain if it was left as per bowl - I wanted to spice it up a bit, so circles - or pearls went on the top of each of the 'fan tips'.
The final bit of the change was to make the border repeats work well - so that they could be used without the corner pattern and butt right up to a cornerstone if required. That meant getting rid of the central 'fan' point - so they got reduced from 5 to 4.
The resulting design has the interest and modern twist I was aiming for, and in many ways gives the impression of lace. The border can also be used by itself in bars - no pattern dividing required.

One of our special design areas is:

A digitised Alphabet

capital letters  -  small letters  -  numbers  -  punctuation  -  symbols  -  words  -  names

Sharon Perry has developed this script style of lettering over a number of years.
• letters are clear, smooth and regular
• letters flow seamlessly from one to the other
• cursive, single line and continuous stitching
• all have been digitised using the same size grid - they fit together with no fuss or bother
• downloadable instructions available from the 'Info & Free' page

Personalise your quilts - have them tell a story!

Many other types of patterns are also available.

We are especially proud of the development of patterns for what can otherwise be very difficult areas.
Solutions are achieved mainly through the focus given to the p2p (line pattern) function:

builders - especially useful for sashings
- once masquerading as regular blocks - now reformatted into p2p patterns
- they require 2 passes to be 'built'
- quickly placed and extremely accurate at intersections.
- if the machine head can get in and all the sashes are connected - they will sew out with just one start/finish.

p2psu (point to point set up)
regular blocks - reformatted so they can be placed (or set up) using the p2p function.
- extremely useful for situations such as the chain in a Double Irish Chain, placement in hexagons, etc.

sashes - which will not overstitch
designed for ease and success at intersections.
Where they turn or cross over each other:
- their corners are self-turning and
- their main design elements will not stitch on top of each other.
Illustrations clearly show what occurs at the intersections.

--------------  other things yet to be added  --------------

• completed quilts - for purchase
• along with patchwork patterns (for making the quilts)
• and for a change of scene, there will be some embroidery patterns for sale

Paypal is used as the gateway for payment.
You do not have to be a Paypal customer though.