Buzzedd Nines

Sharon Perry in 2008
Sharon Perry original - pattern coming soon!

This quilt was made as a double challenge:
- I wanted to make a blue and white quilt
- it had to be made using just the blue 5" charm squares on hand (I could not shut the blue drawer!)

I was pleased with the result :
- the quilt had lots of room for the quilting designs to be shown to maximum effect,
- it looked nice and crisp and fresh
However, it had only used 70 of my 5" charm squares to make this large quilt - so while that may be good news for some (those wanting to make this quilt and only having limited numbers of squares), I could only just get that drawer shut again.

But it was more of a challenge than I had bargained on and this was the quilt where I hit on the 'point to point set up' (p2psu) idea.

The placement of the quilting designs in the sashes proved to be a nightmare.
I tried every conceivable method available to me trying to get the quilting sashing between the blocks looking good relative to each other - especially where they met.
- first I tried using the 'place to border' function - but it was impossible to accurately determine where the 'borders' were which might be used.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Wide unpieced white border: Elegance tri c p2p
  • Small corner square - connecting the inner border triangles at the corners: Elegance inner bdr cnr
  • Narrow pieced border and the Buzz Mountain Blocks around the 9 Patch Blocks: Buzzed Mountain a p2p
  • Side setting triangles - b1x5 version used: Triangle 1 x5 p2psu (6)
  • Corner setting triangles - d1x3 version used (but if doing again I would use the c1x5 from the previous set): Triangle 1 x3 p2psu (6)
  • 9 Patch Blocks - 3x3 version used: X Hatch - sqs & rect (251)
  • Sashes (around and between the main blocks): Elegance sash c (2)

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