Coffee with Chocolate

Sharon Perry
Puss in a Corner, in the book Rotary Roundup by Judy Hopkins and Nancy J Martin
90'"x 90"

I enjoyed the colours of this quilt, and gradually made it over many years.

As all those who know me realise - I very rarely make quilts for a specific person. I make quilts because I enjoy the process - they are a creative outlet for me. Many of my quilts have a long gestation period, and some have definite resting times.

This quilt was one of them, and at some time during its formation I decided I wanted to give it to my younger brother. The top was completed and then underwent a further rest, as I decided how I wished to quilt it.

Younger brother had shown interest in the designs I was drawing and how they were done, so I determined that I would use some of them on this quilt.

Four p2p triangles were used to make the square in the alternate block, and therefore could be sewn in a continuous fashion from square to square - right across the width of the quilt and back again. This was where I learnt that when using p2p triangles, it was a very good idea for them to have a margin around them - especially across the base!
So it is a matter of 'Thank you again, brother dear - another lesson learnt by sister!'.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Border: Loops bdr & cnr a (2)
  • Pieced blocks - (3x3 pattern): X Hatch - sqs & rect (251)
  • Alternate blocks: Loops tri g p2p

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