Cable Fantasy

Dee Gerardy, Hat Creek Quilt Company, Kansas, USA
If you love cables - Dee is the one to do the quilting for you! This is cable heaven.
I am utterly impressed as to how she has used the variety of cables - all fitting just so well together.
Then there are the other blocks:
- the squares where she zig zagged the twirl patterns into place, repeating that pattern in the cornerstones
- the blocks themselves which are based on a 49 (7 x 7) patch grid. The different design elements drop into place wonderfully.
Dee won third place in the Traditional section at the Statler Stitcher conference (SUGAR) held Kansas 2015.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Blocks: New Life 49 patch sq b
  • Cornerstones and Squares in the border: Swirls sq b p2p
  • Sashes - the 5 multiple: Cable 3 sash p2psu (21)
  • Corner inside the border of squares: Cable 3 cnr 5
  • Outer white border: Cable 3 bdr & cnr (2)
  • All the cable patterns are included in this set: Cable 3 works (100)

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