Chevron Heaven

Sharon Perry
60 x 90
This wholecloth was celebrating how effective very simple quilting ideas can be. It was made to go into the Teachers' Exhibition at SUGAR, Kansas 2015.
The quilt was put lengthwise across the bed of the machine and every little bit of the 60 inch width of fabric was used. The chevron lines were stitched out, with thread matching the colour of the fabric - which was black under and unbleached quilter's muslin on top.
For the featured quilting I used rayon thread - with a variegated Sulky on the black back (#2242) and a deep red Guttermann Sulky on the top (1169 a 40 thickness).
Some new patterns were drawn to work in with the old - and I am very pleased with the result.
You can purchase the patterns separately - or in a pack. In the pack are 2 Quilt Outlines - so choose whichever one is suitable for your machine.<br>
$129.00 if purchased separately
- sorry, photos not that good,I will try and get some better ones.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • Top and Bottom triangles - x5 multiple: Squares of Circles p2p tri (5)
  • 1st Chevron row: Fairy Pearls Chevron p2psu (3)
  • 2nd Chevron row: Chevron spiked waves wide p2p
  • 3rd Chevron row: Beaded Chevron p2psu (3)
  • 4th Chevron row: Tilland Chevron p2p
  • 5th Chevron row: Feather Chevron (5)
  • Centre panel: Rosalie square b (1)
  • Quilt Outline (for more than 15" throat machines): QOutl Chevron Heaven 15 (5)
  • Quilt Outlines (for more than 20" throat machines): QOutl Chevron Heaven 20 (3)
  • Complete Set of Patterns: Chevron Heaven (27 )

Tips & Info

  • For a downloadable quilting plan of this quilt click here

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