Chevrons in North Dakota

Marie Martin
Sharon Mosbrucker and Anna Mosbrucker, M and M Quilting, Riverton, Wyoming
For Marie - it was always going to be. Her sister Anna had talked so much about quilting that there was no escape. Marie had to make a quilt - end of story.
Now - since the completion of this one the report has come in that she is totally addicted - and who could blame her? This quilt is an absolute stunner! The absolute stark contrast between the coloured fabric and the white - it bowls one over. The quilting is just as magnificent, adding texture and life to it all.
Well done to the 3 of you - and I certainly look forward to seeing what is done next.

Quilting Patterns Used

  • In the white chevrons: Snircles chevron p2psu (3)
  • In the coloured chevrons: Swirls chevron p2psu (3)
  • in the white setting triangles - top and bottom (x5 multiple): Squares of Circles p2p tri (5)

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