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Faye hex star (2) $14.00 USD

Faye constructed a block which was one hexagonal inside the other. The inner hexagon was twisted at 30° and its points meet at the middle of the sides of the outer hexagon.
A few variations on this theme were drafted, and this was the one she chose.
It worked really well - photos coming soon!
This set is the same pattern, but in two formats: a regular block, and p2psu.
Hexagons are notoriously difficult to achieve accurate placement within - but one can readily see the edges of the hexagons - so p2psu works a treat.
Please note: Intelliquilters do not currently recognise the p2psu format.
For them the pattern will be a regular block and can be happily used as such

Design Features

  • those with Statler Stichers can use the p2p function to accurately place and resize this digitized quilting pattern very quickly. Just 2 clicks and it's done!
    - resizing is done automatically - no need to calculate pattern height.
    - correct rotation is automatically achieved
  • registration points are shown with the *s in the illustration.
    they will show as tiny black dots on the Statler Stitcher monitor

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Sharon Perry